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What type of products do you buy?

For examples of surplus products

Do you have a price list?
Yes, our vendors have access to the most recent price list through our vendor portal
How fast do you pay?
We pay 50% in advance the day freight is picked up, the other 50% is paid after inspection.
Do you pay for shipping?
Yes, we pay for freight costs.
In what markets will products be sold?

All goods purchased through GSE are intended for sale in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Europe.

Do you buy products other than the examples you provided?
Yes, we buy products other than the examples we provided on our products page but the products must meet certain guidelines.

For product guidelines

What products do you NOT buy?
Used, Generic, Remanufactured, big/heavy, counterfeit or possibly counterfeit, items violating trademark agreement
What is the minimum amount of any one product that you will buy?
The minimum of any one product is 10 units, unless the item cost is greater than $500.

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